Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pampered Chef!

My Pampered Chef party was a success!
THANK YOU to everyone that placed and order!
I hope you enjoy what you purchased!!
I sold enough that I received $115 in free product,
then I ordered some more!!
I got all of my pampered chef out to show everyone...

Geno wanted to pose with all of the fun stuff!
Some from the last party I went to and a lot from my party.
Then I packed it all up again because I don't
have a kitchen to put it in...yet :(

We have had a busy week and we're not done yet!!
  • Last Saturday, Dean's step-sister Erin got married
  • I subbed Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Sorted all of the Pampered Chef stuff
  • Hagerstown with Amanda and Andrew tomorrow
  • Hollidaysburg Friday-Monday
  • Sunday is Mom's graduation

I'm hoping to take a bunch of pictures this weekend
for a big update next week!


Ray said...

Great posts Bonnie! You look great and I look forward to seeing lots of pics from this weekend. Hope you all have a great time!

Grammy Kegs said...

I love the house and I am so very happpy for you Dean and G!

I also like the furniture. I can't wait to visit (with Betty I hope)