Monday, August 23, 2010

Random cell phone pics

Here is a picture of my dining room area.
LOVE my new plates that we got for our wedding!

2010 Toyota Corolla Sport!
It was bittersweet to see the Honda go.

Mary & Geno sleeping on the way to North Carolina.

Dean's birthday cake!
Allison and I delivered it to him and his buddies at work!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

House Stuff

I hung up this picture and plaque all by myself!!

Close up!!

Here are our fishies!!!
We still have all 8 from the fair!!

I love the polka dot background and the bright blue rocks!
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Mary at the Beach

Mary and Dad went to Ocracoke Island and I love this picture!

I used my computer to make it Black & White
except for her blue dress.
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Babysitting the Boys

Amanda and Mike were headed to Oregon (where Mike is from) to go to his brother's wedding. They were gone from Friday at 3am until Monday at 3pm. Allison, Cheryl and myself and Dean took turns watching the babies.
We had a great time but it was hard work!!

Aiden holding his head up

Getting sick of holding his head up and getting upset!

Nap time for Aiden!

I was putting Andrew down for a nap and came back out to this sight.

Geno and Aiden hanging out

Smiling baby!

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Trip to NC

Mom, Mary, Geno and I took a road trip to see Kate in North Carolina.

Stinking cute

Geno basically slept the whole time

Mary's self portrait

What a pretty little shih tzu!

We went swimming at the pool in Kate's apartment complex

Geno came with us!

Mary ready to jump in

Action shot!!

Kate joined us!! We had a nice visit!
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Zucchini Bread

Amanda, Andrew and I made zucchini bread!!

It was so yummy and Andrew was such a good helper!
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Spash park!

I went with Amanda, Aiden & Andrew to the local splash park.

Here is Mr. Aiden enjoying a snooze.

Andrew crawling in the water

Andrew being crazy
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Mom's Quilts

Geno and I went to visit Mom. She took us to the fair to see if her quilts won.

Mary's town Quilt got 3rd place. (what a rip off)

The blue and cream sampler got 2nd place.

This is the dumb quilt that got 2nd place ahead of Marys.
It's ugly.
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