Monday, July 1, 2013

7 months

Probably weighs 17ish lbs now.
Wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes.
Size 3 diapers.
Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and once or twice during the night.

Playing with his feet
Babbling- dada, mama, baba
Puffs and Baby Mum-Mums (baby rice rusks)
Books- Barnyard Dance (his favorite!) and Belly Button Book
Swimming- on the deck in a baby pool and also at Aunt Judy's house
Scout the dog
Singing mailbox toy
Stacking ring toy
"Where'd the Baby Go?" game- I put his lovey blankie over his head and he pulls it off and laughs.

6/8 lots of scooting backwards
Baby planking
Rocking back and forth on all fours
6/11 crawling forward!
6/19 crawling maniac-- he's everywhere!

New Foods:
Pears, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Peas, Squash, Peaches
Baby Mum-Mums, Puffs

Memorial Day
Father's Day
Mommy's Birthday
ArtShip festival

Ethan started sleeping in the crib at night on June 2nd.  I think that I had been waking him in the middle of the night by rolling over or getting up to go to the bathroom.  He is loving sleeping in his own room and I think we are all getting more sleep!  I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to sleep with him in the nursery but it has been a good move.  I don't think we were all ready until now.

6/16- I can feel the tip of a tooth (bottom right) coming through!  That explains why Ethan hadn't been sleeping well at night for a few days.

"Are we done yet, Mom?"