Friday, September 20, 2013

3/4 of a year!

I am so very late I'm writing this post. Ethan will be 10 months old on Sunday (mom fail).  

This age has been so much fun!  Ethan is crawling around like a maniac and his personality has been cracking us up!

- 9m clothes, size 3 diapers
- 2 naps a day and bed around 7:30
- Nurses 4 times a day. Once at night.  Sometimes wake between 4-5am nurse the go back to sleep until 7ish.

- Snotty nose this month :(
- Grandma, Aunt Kate and Aunt Mary babysat while we went to Aunt Allison's 30th bday party. Everyone had fun until bed time. Wouldn't take a bottle so I had to come home and nurse E and put him o bed. Then I went back to the party. Luckily he didn't make a peep until morning.

He spotted Daddy coming up the stairs!
Bribery with Cheerios :)

- Cruising all over the place
- Pulling up on everything
- Trying lots of new foods. Egg (8/18) no reaction!! Little nervous because cousins Andrew and Aiden had milk and egg(aiden still has) allergies.

- Weekend with mommy while daddy went out if town
- New stroller [chicco echo] we love it!
- Gives momma kisses 
- kind of waving
7/22 top right tooth cut
7/26 top left tooth cut
- drinks from straw sippy cup
7/24 Ethan's first time at the Shippensburg fair!
7/29 Daddy's birthday