Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm obsessed with blogging...

Mary and Geno singing and dancing to "Here We Go!!"
They're excited for the superbowl.

Here is Geno waiting by the phone for his dad to call.

Thursday, January 22, 2009




He's a very happy puppy now that he can see!


Geno is in the AKC top ten of dog breeds!!

Geno is also #12 out of 20 regarding top breeds for families.

SHIH TZU- Originally bred as a companion animal for royalty, the shih tzu still enjoys a life a luxury. Not too proud to get down and dirty with the kids, this dog loves nothing better than sharing time with people, even if that means getting dressed up for a tea party.

We're so proud.
He is at the groomer right now... pictures to follow

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

little update

haha what a rich pup!

Mary and I were hanging out in my room. All of a sudden I turned
around from my desk looking for Geno and there he was sitting in a shoebox. Too cute!

He likes to go under the covers. Oh joy for me!

Dr. Dummy!!
I like to call this one the mad scientist shot. He needs a haircut.

G is still doing well with potty training. Except he will only go when I take him out. Ugh. Also, If I let him roam about the house, he finds a place to pee/poop. He doesn't go when he is in my room. (knock on wood) It's great that he doens't go in this room, but still annoying. I have the doorway blocked with a baby gate so that my door can remain open. Mary comes in a lot and plays with him. The other day I let him out because I felt bad that he was in here all the time and he went pee and poop in the hallway! So now he's in here for the majority of the time. Too bad, G.

In other news, Dean is loving his job in Shippensburg. It's been fun for him to be able to hang out with his family that lives down that way as well. Don't worry, we'll be visiting soon for the SUPERBOWL!!! GO STEELERS!!
I got contacts yesterday. It's weird but going well. I'm pretty good at putting them in. I did have glasses to wear, but never wore them and didn't really like them. I needed a new perscription anyway, so I thought I would give contacts a try.

I'm off to Lock Haven this weekend to see my friends from school. My friend Jenny is having a baby shower-- she's due mid-Feb. Also, Lindsey will be there with her 7 month old son, Abe. Can't wait to see everyone!

love, love, love

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yayyyy it's Friday!! Dean is on his way home right now! Geno and I have had a pretty good week. He's been a very good puppy and not many accidents in the house! I was nervous to leave him alone all day on Wednesday when I had to work. He was great and passed with flying colors.

G is getting on a schedule with his potty trips and it's great not having to clean up after him inside like we were doing before. He goes out when we wake up (#1 AND #2) then I don't have to worry about taking him out again until around 4pm to go #1. This is usually the time I get home from school if I'm working. Then he goes out again around 7:30 to go #2. Finally, he goes #1 before bed. It's been freezing outside so he's been going out and getting his business done quickly!

I was supposed to work today but Hollidaysburg schools were cancelled due to the weather conditions. Around noon today it was 0 degrees outside but it felt like -17. Brrrr!!!

Mary and I spent the day together. We relaxed, watched some tv, played with Geno and made chocolate chip cookies! Yummy!

Time to go hang out with Dean! Stay warm!!
Tonight Dean and I are going out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Should be a fun time. Maybe we'll watch the Penguins game. Will they win? Hope so!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get back into the swing...

...of things. Happy 2009! Well, school started back up again. I got a call tonight and set up some dates to substitute. So, I'm looking forward to that. Dean moves down to Shippensburg this weekend to start work on the 12th. Geno and I will miss him terribly, but it will all work out for us. Hopefully I will be subbing a lot while he's gone and making lots of $$$$ :)

Dean and I were introduced by Nate and Sara to the wonderful game of Dominoes. We've been playing non-stop and it's so much fun. We played with Mary the other evening. Geno kept barking and jumping. Finally we put him in Mary's highchair and he was calm. He just wanted to watch us play the game and be involved! ha

Mary the princess

Until next time... Goodnight!