Wednesday, January 21, 2009

little update

haha what a rich pup!

Mary and I were hanging out in my room. All of a sudden I turned
around from my desk looking for Geno and there he was sitting in a shoebox. Too cute!

He likes to go under the covers. Oh joy for me!

Dr. Dummy!!
I like to call this one the mad scientist shot. He needs a haircut.

G is still doing well with potty training. Except he will only go when I take him out. Ugh. Also, If I let him roam about the house, he finds a place to pee/poop. He doesn't go when he is in my room. (knock on wood) It's great that he doens't go in this room, but still annoying. I have the doorway blocked with a baby gate so that my door can remain open. Mary comes in a lot and plays with him. The other day I let him out because I felt bad that he was in here all the time and he went pee and poop in the hallway! So now he's in here for the majority of the time. Too bad, G.

In other news, Dean is loving his job in Shippensburg. It's been fun for him to be able to hang out with his family that lives down that way as well. Don't worry, we'll be visiting soon for the SUPERBOWL!!! GO STEELERS!!
I got contacts yesterday. It's weird but going well. I'm pretty good at putting them in. I did have glasses to wear, but never wore them and didn't really like them. I needed a new perscription anyway, so I thought I would give contacts a try.

I'm off to Lock Haven this weekend to see my friends from school. My friend Jenny is having a baby shower-- she's due mid-Feb. Also, Lindsey will be there with her 7 month old son, Abe. Can't wait to see everyone!

love, love, love


Dean said...

Take that dog to the groomers already! Ridiculous.

Can't wait to see both of you

Suzie said...

Geno was a very good puppy while you were at the baby shower. He gets an A+ on his doggy report card.

I miss you guys!