Friday, January 16, 2009


Yayyyy it's Friday!! Dean is on his way home right now! Geno and I have had a pretty good week. He's been a very good puppy and not many accidents in the house! I was nervous to leave him alone all day on Wednesday when I had to work. He was great and passed with flying colors.

G is getting on a schedule with his potty trips and it's great not having to clean up after him inside like we were doing before. He goes out when we wake up (#1 AND #2) then I don't have to worry about taking him out again until around 4pm to go #1. This is usually the time I get home from school if I'm working. Then he goes out again around 7:30 to go #2. Finally, he goes #1 before bed. It's been freezing outside so he's been going out and getting his business done quickly!

I was supposed to work today but Hollidaysburg schools were cancelled due to the weather conditions. Around noon today it was 0 degrees outside but it felt like -17. Brrrr!!!

Mary and I spent the day together. We relaxed, watched some tv, played with Geno and made chocolate chip cookies! Yummy!

Time to go hang out with Dean! Stay warm!!
Tonight Dean and I are going out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Should be a fun time. Maybe we'll watch the Penguins game. Will they win? Hope so!

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Suzie said...

Geno has been a very good little puppy! He gets an A+ on his report card.