Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yes that is a "SOLD" sign in the window!
Closing today at 2pm then starting to move in!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mary goes to Camp!

Ready to hit the road

We arrived right on time!
Pillow and sleeping bag in hand.

Hiking up to registration

We set up her bed on the top bunk.
Got her sunscreen-ed up and headed back to meet her fellow campers.

All of the counselors introducing themselves

Mary is such a good listener

Hanging out with the other kids in her cabin.
Just after this she told me it was ok for me to leave.

Conestoga was the cabin she stayed in.
Mary had such a fun night at Camp Blue Diamond.
She can't wait to go back next year!

More of Mary's visit

Mary with Andrew in the backseat. They love their balloons.

The two kiddos at Red Robin!
Mary just loved hanging out with Andrew

We gave each other pedicures & manicures!

Her ball that she won at the fair popped so we
made a swim cap thing out of it.

We have three stray kittens that we have been taking care of.
Mary named this one Fiest.

Here is Fiest, Mary & Sydney.
Sydney was adopted today by a neighbor down the road.
She was the one that I wanted but we decided
against a cat right now.

These are Mary's goldfish from the fair.
We gave her three more yesterday.

Shippensburg Fair

The last full week in July is always the Shippensburg Fair. Mary was lucky enough to be here while it was going on. We saw a lot of animals, played games and Mary rode the rides.

Mary and Amanda going to ride the ferris wheel

Uncle Dean and Andrew

Mary took charge of the stroller. Our ankles were sore after we got home.

The little dare devil rode a ton of rides!
Here she is on the pirate ship (top row, in the middle)
The operator even squirted them with a hose during the ride.

You have to look carefully...
Mary is directly under the 1st flag (starting from the left)

Hi Mary! This was her last ride.
Then we got some cotton candy and headed home.
She'll have to come back next year for the fair.

Mary's Visit

Mary had a great visit with Dean, Geno and me.
I have a lot of pictures sooo get ready!

Mary loved this little water park.
It was freezing cold and she didn't care at all.
Best thing about it-- it was free! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So far, So good!

Mary has been hanging out with Dean and I since Sunday. Monday was a busy day-- we went to target and hung out with Amanda and Andrew. We packed a lunch and went to the park. This park has a little water wading area with sprinklers and it was so much fun. Mary and Andrew played together. Then we came home and had dinner and went to the Shippensburg Fair with Dean, Gawin and Sue. We saw a lot of farm animals, Mary rode the ferris wheel and I won her a gold fish! Here a a couple pics... I'll upload more later.

Mary reading Andrew a book. He loved it!

Swim time!

P.S. There are more pictures of Mary and Andrew
on Andrew's Blog <-- click here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Andrew climbing on the cereal shelf. Trix are for kids!

Mary & Grace at the anniversary party

Geno at the party

New couch and love seat
(on display at the store)

Sleigh bed, dresser, mirror & night stand
(on display at the store too)


This is me and Miss Kylee.
I met up with my friend from LHU, Jenny last week for lunch.
I finally got to meet her baby, Kylee, as well as her sister and nephew!
Geno joined us as we ate outside at Panera. :)

Josephine (Josie) Amelia Watt
July 1, 2009
6 lbs 13 oz

Josie is waving!
Mary and I went over to the Watt house to meet the new baby!

Mary having a photo-shoot in the backseat of my car

This is my baby taking a nap on a pile of newspapers/magazines.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


They accepted our offer!!!! Dean and I are (almost) HOMEOWNERS!!

click here for PICTURES

We made an offer on an amazing townhome. 3 story, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, 2 half bath, his & hers walk-in-closet, HUGE master bedroom, HUGE master bath, HUGE kitchen, and just greatness! If all goes as planned we should be closing by the end of the month!!!