Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So far, So good!

Mary has been hanging out with Dean and I since Sunday. Monday was a busy day-- we went to target and hung out with Amanda and Andrew. We packed a lunch and went to the park. This park has a little water wading area with sprinklers and it was so much fun. Mary and Andrew played together. Then we came home and had dinner and went to the Shippensburg Fair with Dean, Gawin and Sue. We saw a lot of farm animals, Mary rode the ferris wheel and I won her a gold fish! Here a a couple pics... I'll upload more later.

Mary reading Andrew a book. He loved it!

Swim time!

P.S. There are more pictures of Mary and Andrew
on Andrew's Blog <-- click here.

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Ray said...

Mary looks soooo happy with Andrew! Thanks for the pics and can we have some more please?