Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shippensburg Fair

The last full week in July is always the Shippensburg Fair. Mary was lucky enough to be here while it was going on. We saw a lot of animals, played games and Mary rode the rides.

Mary and Amanda going to ride the ferris wheel

Uncle Dean and Andrew

Mary took charge of the stroller. Our ankles were sore after we got home.

The little dare devil rode a ton of rides!
Here she is on the pirate ship (top row, in the middle)
The operator even squirted them with a hose during the ride.

You have to look carefully...
Mary is directly under the 1st flag (starting from the left)

Hi Mary! This was her last ride.
Then we got some cotton candy and headed home.
She'll have to come back next year for the fair.

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Suzie said...

Mary had the best time with D...B & G. She has talked about her week continuously! Thanks a million. You guys are one in a million.