Sunday, May 24, 2009

The GREATEST Show on Earth!

Yayyyyyyy for the circus!!
We had soooo much fun at the "Greatest Show on Earth!"

The elephants were so great and I loved that
they held onto each other's tails.

The tiger tamer had like 6 tigers

Sitting pretty

*Can you tell I loved the elephants?*

The finale!

We had such an awesome time at the circus with great seats.
Sorry there aren't any pictures of the people that attended.
It was Dean and me,
Gawin and Sue,
Mike, Amanda and little Andrew.
He loved his 1st circus and we all had a fantastic time.


Ray said...

looks like a great time... beautiful pics! But Geno had to miss it? He would have loved the show...

Anonymous said...

I asked if G could come with us. It was a no-go. Sad.

Ray said...

I'll bet he whimpered and cried...