Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We had a nice time in Hollidaysburg this past weekend. Dean and I arrived Friday night. We had a nice relaxing Saturday with everyone. Dean went golfing with friends then I met up with them for lunch. Kate joined us and we went to a local watering hole (shan-nicole's) to watch the Penguin's game. PENS WON!!! Geno's namesake--Evgeni Malkin-scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Everyone went crazy!

Sunday was Mother's Day and Mom's graduation. We had a BBQ for everyone at the house in celebration. Burgers and dogs=delish! Barb made some delicious potato salad and deserts!

Mom walking into the gym

Mom with her diploma

Here is Dani getting her diploma

Dean left early Monday morning and went straight to Frederick, MD for work. I stayed in Hollidaysburg for an appointment. I also met up with Dani for lunch before heading back to Shippensburg.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day in Shippensburg. I ventured out with Amanda, Andrew and Geno. We went to an awesome park and had a picnic lunch with some friends. There were 3 little babies and 3 puppies. Fun times had by all!

on our way to the park

hi little guy!

what a handsome prince!

hanging out under the picnic table

he looks so sad...

I worked today subbing. I work tomorrow and Friday as well. Busy week for me. I had an interview tonight at a local community center. It was for a summer camp counselor position. I'll keep you posted on that.

Geno hiding under the covers after getting a bath

Andrew has learned to pull himself up
and apparently climb into toy boxes.

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