Sunday, May 17, 2009



We are sooooooo excited about our new place!
Closing is scheduled for June 19th.
I can't wait to take more pictures and show everybody the place!
It has 3 bedrooms,
2.5 bathrooms,
open kitchen/dining room/living room area,
big walk-in closet,
laundry room,
large family room downstairs with a fireplace!

We went looking for some furniture today--
we really like this couch with a matching recliner

Love these appliances.

Here is Geno playing "peek-a-boo" with his Uncle Mike.
Geno can't wait until his Uncle Mike, Aunt Amanda
and cousins Andrew and Max live only 1/2 mile away!


Dan said...

I don't post comments because you never comment on my blog, though I never have anything cool to say. I like your house though, it looks sweet. I was happy to hear that you got it.

Ray said...

Congrats again on the house! What a nice birthday present...

BTW--I check every day even though I don't comment, I always leave with a smile. Thanks for sharing!

Dan said...

Ha, I'm glad you commented. I would write about other things if I had anything interesting to talk about. Maybe someday I'll finally establish a real would be nice. I love Spain, and I would def. be a tour guide whenever.

Ray said...

I am here again checking for updates, looking for pics of my beautiful daughter... but none to be found, just her handsome little dog...

Bonnie said...

hahah he is soooo HANDSOME!