Monday, February 16, 2009


I gave blood today at Mary's school. Mom and Anna also went to donate. Mary gets a prize for getting people to donate and give her name. It pays for her to have older siblings. The dumb lady didn't tell me she was "sticking" me with the needle yet and I guess my arm moved a lot. Sooooo she started moving the needle around. It was terrible.

Here is G helping me wrap Dean's v-day present

We were waiting for Dean to get here... he took forever!

G was "helping" to open the gift
(i.e. he was biting the wrapping paper then running under the bed with it)

one of my all time favorites- how can you not fall in love with that face??

potty time!!
Geno has been doing very well going potty outside. We're so proud!

Mary brushing Geno

Too cute. We were watching a show about different dog breeds and they were talking about the Shih Tzu... They said that if you keep your dog in the short "puppy cut" you should have him groomed every 4-6 weeks. When Mary was done brushing him she said to him that he will get his hair brushed again in 4-6 weeks! Ha she's hilarious.

Good luck to my friend Jenny who is having her baby girl tonight or tomorrow!!!!!!

Here is Jenny at her baby shower holding the cake made out of diapers, onsies and binkies!

I'm subbing tomorrow in 2nd grade then on Friday in 3rd grade. Should be fun.

Have a fabulous week!

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