Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Wednesday

The weather today was gorgeous! It was probably around 50 or 55. Geno and I went for a nice walk. I also cleaned up the yard because Geno refuses to clean up after himself. He has been a very good boy using the facilities outside though.

Here is a snapshot of G from today.
How in the world could this be comfortable??

Haha poor thing. Sorry.

Tomorrow I am spending the day babysitting an 18 month old all day. Should be fun. Then Friday (and also next Tuesday) I will be in a 2nd grade classroom subbing.

Dean will be in town Friday night and then we are going to Pittsburgh on Saturday to see a play for Valentine's Day. :) We will also be celebrating our 18 month anniversary!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here are some pictures I found that I wanted to share...

Andrew in his "Mr. Mouthy" shirt that we got him

Andrew and big brother, Max, hanging out

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