Thursday, February 26, 2009


Helllllllllooo, I'm 10 months today!!

Happy 10 months, G!!

Here are some pictures from last weekend when I helped to
watch 3, 5-month old boys...

L-R: Justus, Quentin, Andrew & Geno makes 4!

Quentin is in the middle holding the other guys' hands.
Andrew doesn't look to sure about this...

Justus, Quentin & Andrew

Tummy Time & Toothless Smiles!! :)

The next day, Geno thought he and Andrew should have
some tummy time without the twins.
Why does Andrew have Geno's tail trapped between his legs? Goober!

Hi Boys!

One night, Geno put himself into the corner to take a little snooze.
Weird dog.

I've been working a good bit this week.
Monday- 2nd grade. Tuesday- 3rd grade. Friday- 2nd grade.
Things are getting busy and I'm getting ready to make
the move down to Shippensburg.
I've already been hired by 2 districts to work as a sub.
I have also been applying for full time positions in the fall.
Let's hope and pray that I get one!!!


Jensen Ohana said...

Those pictures are sooo cute! How fun, and GOOD practice! ;)

Happy 10 months G!!

Kate said...

hahaha geno's funny. tell him we can be birthday buddies, i'll buy the booze :)