Monday, February 2, 2009

Longgg weekend

This weekend was VERY busy. It started out on Friday. I wasn't called in to substitute so I headed down to Shippensburg early to be there when Dean got off of work. Geno of course came along with me. He loves car rides. We drove down and got there at about 3ish. Baby Andrew was at the house so I played with him until his mommy came to pick him up. Dean and I had a very nice dinner with his dad and step mom. We just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Saturday was an early morning that's for sure. I got up and went to Amanda's at about 7am. We were going to an adventure to State College to look for bridesmaids dresses for Allison's wedding. The wedding date is set for December 19, 2009. We had a lovely breakfast then went on the search. We ending up finding a cute little shop called "Diamonds and Lace." They were wonderful. There we found the perfect dresses and ordered them. They will be black with ivory at the waist. We will also be carrying an ivory shawl.

After shopping for our gowns, we had a little lunch at the Corner Room in State College. We then began our trip home. Dean and I were going on a double date that night with our friend Shelow and his girlfriend, Jess. He met us in Harrisburg so they could drop me off and we could get dinner with Shelow and Jess. After going to Red Lobster and finding out the wait was an hour and a half, we went to the Outback and it was 45 minutes. Finally, we went to Bob Evans. Great dinner with great company and great conversation. Great. Great. Great. The four of us went bowling afterwards which was a ton of fun. We played three games then headed our separate ways. It was a really fun night.

Sunday was SUPERBOWL day!!! We had breakfast with Mike, Amanda, baby Andrew, and friends Justin & Cassie. Yum. We took a trip to the grocery store to get some essentials for our meal. The rest of the day was filled with lounging around and getting ready for the big game. Dean and I made buffalo chicken wings. We also had veggies & chips with dip. His dad and stepmom came over to play with Andrew and to also watch the game. We had a lot of fun and it was an awesome outcome. The Steelers now have 6 Superbowl Championship wins!!!

I spent my morning in Shippensburg today. I worked out with Amanda and Andrew then we ran some errands. I left around 2pm to be back so I could take Mary to ballet-- which is where I am now. It is awesome that I get wireless in the parking lot. :) I just have to go in every 1/2 hour to change her shoes. Geno is out here with me too. We're tired.

I got a call from the "sub-lady" this afternoon and set up some dates. 1/2 day this Wednesday and a full day on Thursday.

Here are some pictures from this weekend...

G's new container for his dogfood. He loves to try and break into it.

This is Geno and his girlfriend Chloe at Dean's dad's house.

Dean's dad, Gawin, Geno and Chloe.

Dean's mom, Cheryl, and Andrew at breakfast.

Allison & Andrew checking themselves out.

Geno is ready for the game! He's wearing his bandana that I made him.

Andrew wanted to borrow Geno's bandana and try it out. Too cute!


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Andrew's mom said...

I had a great time hanging out with you and Geno and Dean! Looking forward to doing it again soon!