Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 months

I am so bad at keeping up with these monthly posts.  Ethan will be turning 4 months old on March 22nd, so I need to get this one posted.  It will be short and sweet.  I have been doing a great job at taking his picture with the monthly sticker on the correct day.
- Weighs about 11 lbs
- Size 1 diapers
- Size 0-3/3 months clothes
- Cooing A LOT!  The little man loves to talk like his momma!
- Started sucking on his left thumb (maybe a lefty like daddy?)
- Sleeping through the night more often (9pm-7/8am)
- LOVES to stand on our laps
- Very much a Mommy's boy
- Not so much a fan of the paci anymore
- Still loves bath time

Ethan was not too happy during our photo shoot

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