Friday, February 15, 2013

2 months...

...better late than never!

Ethan turned 2 months old on January 22nd!

He is the sweetest little boy ever and so full of personality.  At his 2 month well-baby visit he was 9lbs 14oz (7th %) and 21.75" long (8th %).  He got his shots at this visit but was a trooper and didn't cry for very long after.  I'm so glad that he didn't spike a fever or had any reaction.  He wasn't even fussy that evening (his appointment was at 4pm).

 Love those big blue eyes.

- Size 1 diapers
- Size 0-3 months clothes
- Eating every 3 hours during the day and getting up once at night
- Nurses about 20 minutes on each side at each feeding
- Takes a 4 oz bottle for his middle of the night feeding while I pump
- Great napper and sleeper at night
- Still loves sleeping on his belly (we have an angel care movement monitor)
- I left Ethan with Dean for the first time while I ran to Target
- Forced to leave him for 3 nights while I was in the hospital :(
-He has become such a better nurser which makes this Momma so happy!  I'm still taking Fenugreek to help with my supply and it seems to be very helpful.
- You never fuss unless you're hungry or sleepy

Here is what your schedule looks like these days:

3am (ish)- eat
9am- wake up and eat
nap (1hr-ish)
12 pm- eat
nap (2-2.5 hrs)
3pm- eat
nap (1hr-ish)
6pm- eat
8pm- eat
9pm- bedtime

getting so chunky!

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Suzie said...

Love the pics....keep a time line photo grouping with each month. So much fun to see how he's changed. Love. Grandma