Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!!

I am linking up today with Savanah and Ashlee to show you some photos from my phone!

Here is what was happening with me this week...

Dean brought home roses for me "just because"

Amanda, Allison, the boys, myself and some other friends went to the park 

I looooove DQ dipped cones!

Putting Baby Morrow's dresser together

I went to Mom's house to help out a little-- beautiful hardwood floors under the gross carpet.

I made this crayon wreath for Allison's birthday.  Thank you, Pinterest!

Dean took a last minute trip to Milwaukee and brought this home for Baby

Sarah (and Mark) and Dani (and Barry) came to visit for the weekend.  We had a blast!

Baby's room is getting painted today-- loving Crocodile Smile!

Geno went to the groomer today for a fresh new do


Ashlee Miller said...

That was so sweet of Dean! LOVE DQ dipped cones.

Ray said...

Nice to see you blogging again! Keep it up sweetie...