Wednesday, August 29, 2012

26.5 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26.5 Weeks
Size of Baby: According to Baby Morrow is about two pounds and measures 14 inches from head to heel-- about the size of an English hothouse cucumber. 

Maternity Clothes: LOVING my maternity clothes.  Just got a bunch for the fall from that I love.
Gender: It's a... SURPRISE!  We did not find out the gender of our little nugget.  What are your guesses?
Movement: Baby likes to kick and roll around at bed time and when I wake up.  Although, I can feel it throughout the day too.  It's the best feeling ever!  Dean started to be able to feel the kicks a couple weeks ago.  Super fun!
Sleep: Aside from getting up two or three times a night to go to the bathroom, I'm sleeping pretty well.  I just got a Boppy pregnancy pillow that I'm enjoying.
Cravings: I am LOVING peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  Also, peanut butter on toast for breakfast with a side of chocolate milk.  Yum!
Symptoms: Just lots of kicks and a growing belly

Best Moment this week:  Having the nursery painted and getting the furniture in there.  It's looking so cute!

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MamaCassie said...

You look great! I love your baby bump! I can't wait to see this nursery!