Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 Christmases

Dean, Geno and I have had a great holiday season with our families.

We started with Christmas eve in West Virginia at Mom's house. We all had fun hanging out and chit-chatting. Dean, Geno and I exchanged gifts with Mom, Mary and Chuck. We also had our annual gift exchange with my siblings. I had Anna, Anna had Sara, Sara had Dean, Dean had Zach, Zach had Kate, Kate had Nathan, and Nathan had me. It was really nice hanging out with everybody.

Dean and I drove home after church. We got home around 10pm and began to prep some food for Christmas day.

For the past three years we have hosted the Morrow Christmas at our house. We usually do Thanksgiving at Mike and Amanda's, Christmas at our house and New Years at Barry and Allison's. We got up early and finished prepping the food. Everyone came over around noon for lunch. For lunch we had: cheese ball and crackers, ring bologna, buffalo chicken dip, carrots and celery, chips, chex mix and deviled eggs. For dinner we made a turkey with stuffing, a ham in the crock pot, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, applesauce, and a salad with a yummy rice vinegar and olive oil dressing. We had a lot of pies and cookies for dessert.

We woke up the 26th and got ready to head west to Pittsburgh to celebrate Christmas with Dad. Dad and Christi made a yummy lunch of lasagna, meatballs and sausage. Along with munchies and cookies. We got to hang out with Nate, Sara, Anna and Zach again. Uncle Rick and Uncle Tommy were there too. We played the game "Boxers or Briefs" which is always hilarious. We skype-d with Grandma. She predicted that Sara is having a baby boy. (I say girl). We had a great visit.

We stayed at Dad and Christi's place last night and are going to do a little shopping today in Pittsburgh. We are going to the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game tonight with friends. We are staying the night with them tonight before heading home tomorrow.

I FaceTime-d with Allison last night because Geno was at her house. Poor guy was so confused and didn't know where my voice was coming from but cute as ever.


Ray said...

It was so nice to have you all here for a great Christmas celebration! And you finally got to see the Penguins win one!

Hope to see D,B & G again very soon...

Suzie said...

Happy New Year! ; )