Monday, December 20, 2010

Lot-sa Pictures!

Me and Dean
We were out Christmas shopping and took 
a picture of ourselves at a red light!
I love it.

 Amanda and I hosted a "31 gifts" party at the beginning 
of the month and this is one of the bags I got.  It's so cute.

Dean and I made about a million cookies yesterday.
Actually just 25 dozen.  No big deal.

We made:  
--Cocoa kiss cookies (pictured above)
-- M&M cookies (pictured below)
-- Snickerdoodles
-- Molasses cookies
-- Chocolate chip
-- Butterscotch/Oatmeal

Got my nails done today and had the lady 
paint little snowmen on them.
The red color is called "Dear Santa."  I was feeling festive today.

I was at Kohl's the other day and these ornaments were on super sale.
I love putting our initials all over the house.

4 Days until Christmas!!

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