Monday, June 21, 2010

The Final Countdown

Well I have FIVE more days as a single gal!
Dean and I went and got our marriage
license this morning. No turning back now. :)

I've been pretty busy getting things ready for the wedding. We have also attended 3 weddings since Memorial Day weekend. Our friends got married-- Jake & Laura - 5/29/10; Mark & Sarah - 6/12/10 and Nate & Anna 6/19/10. With a baby being born in the mix (6/5/10) we have been pretty busy.
Things are all set for Saturday and we are soooo excited!

We can't wait to have all of our family and friends in town to celebrate!!

Who doesn't love a picture of a new baby??
I was lucky enough to babysit while Amanda and
Andrew went to visit a dairy farm with friends!


Ray said...

You look good with that baby! It was so nice to see you and Dean for Father's Day... thanks for hosting!

Can't wait!!!!!

Andrew's mom said...

You are a great aunt!!!