Monday, June 7, 2010

19 days

First of all there are nineteen days until the wedding!

Dean left early Sunday morning (4am) to go to Pensacola, Florida with the guys he works with. They were originally supposed to go on a 24 hour fishing trip like 8 or 10 miles off of the coast out into the Gulf of Mexico. It stinks that the oil spill has forced them to change their plans. They weren't going to do any fishing at all. Dean called me yesterday to tell me they were going on a small fishing trip (3 or 4 miles out and only for 8 hours or so). He was pretty excited but nervous about getting sea sick (he didn't!). As you can see in the picture, he caught a nice looking fish!

Sounds like they are having a fantastic time. They are also going to do some golfing and go to the casinos. Dean should be back Wednesday afternoon!

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Suzie said...

Great picture! Looks like Dean is having the best time! Mary and I are jealous! Mary has only had time to fish once this summer. She has caught 4 fish. Maybe Mary and Dean can fish together... later in the summer!