Wednesday, December 3, 2008

tree, haircut, third grade

That pretty much sums up the past few days. On Sunday, we went to cut down a Christmas tree. Geno came along. It was sleeting and cold the whole time. Mary found a good tree for us and even fought a 37-year old man for it. Thanks for winning us the tree Mare!!! Geno wore a shirt that said "Santa's Little Helper" in an attempt to keep him warm. By the end of our excursion, Geno was wet, filthy and freezing. All in good fun.

Dean and a very dirty puppy

Mary and G

Mary and Dean's sister-- Allison

Mom and Geno riding on the tractor

Mary and Geno

Geno was in dire need of a visit to the groomer. He went on Monday and came out looking so darn cute! Dean and I dropped him off and there was a puppy there for sale. He was adorable and I wanted him. He was the only one left from his litter so I felt bad for him. When we went to pick Geno up, the little guy had been sold. Geno has since been walking around very proud of his new haircut. They even sent him home with a bandana that had snowmen on it. (P.S. Geno will be losing his "manhood" on December 22nd. Wish him luck!)

cute puppppppy

Schools in Pennsylvania believe that the first day of deer hunting season is a holiday and the kids do not have school. I have been substitute teaching in Dean's sister Allison's classroom this week and will be until Christmas break. She teaches third grade at a local elementary school. Unfortunately, she had to have foot surgery Monday of this week. I since then have taken over in the classroom. She will be out for the remainder of December so I will have three solid weeks in the same classroom. This is nice to have some stability with my job. Instead of waiting by the phone to see if I will be working the next day or not. It has definitely been an interesting past couple of days, but I'm enjoying it and glad I have this opportunity. I'll be letting you know how it goes...


Kate said...

way to go miss bonnie :)

Ray said...

I love Geno's haircut--and good to hear you are teaching on a regular basis. Looks like it was beautiful weather at the tree farm!

GrandmomMc said...

Nice pictures, Bonnie. Take and post some of the tree. Your Mom looks great! You all had a good time.

Glad to hear about your teaching in the same class room for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Geno loves being dirty, biting me, and being owned by Abby.