Thursday, November 21, 2013

11 months :-)

About 18lbs
Size 3 diapers
12 month clothes 

9/23 clicks his tongue and thinks he is hilarious
Waves hi and bye
Cruising around the furniture and stands for a second or two before sitting back down
Loooooves reading books
10/1 lowered crib

Loves his cheerios!

10/1 stopped nursing. Thought it was a nursing strike but he just never went back.  He had been biting and then just refused to latch at all.  We tried giving him breast milk in a bottle but he would not take it. He started taking the breast milk in silly cups with straws.
Sippy cups of milk four times a day
2 naps a day
Sleeping 10-12 hours at night. 

Dances when he hears music.  Loves the song "Brave" by Sara Bariellis. 
Signs "all done" after meals and milk cups

10/11-12 met Great Grandma Sylvester in Pittsburgh.  Also met cousin Maggie, Uncle Rick, Uncle Tommy, Great Great Aunt Christine and Great Great Uncle Merle. 

Loves American cheese and strawberries

10/14 started introducing organic cows milk and milking 1oz in with his breast milk
We went to me pumpkin patch with Aunt Mandy, Uncle Mike and cousins Andrew, Aiden and Matthew. 

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