Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Crib.

Ethan has been sleeping in a co-sleeper beside my bed since he has been born. Today Ethan is 4.5 months old and I figure it is time to get him in the crib. I know a lot of other moms have their babies in the crib and in their own room much sooner, I just wasn't ready. I admit that I was a little sad to have Ethan sleep in his crib today. He is getting so big!
Lately he has been waking at night which is not fun. I think when we toss and turn it wakes him a little. I think having him in his own room with less noise will be good for him. I have also read that a crib mattress is much softer and more comfortable than the pack n play type mattress.
Today I took the plunge and put him in his crib for his first nap. I held him for about thirty minutes after he fell asleep then took him to his room. He napped in the crib for an additional fifty minutes. :) His second nap was interrupted by Geno. Ugh. So he didn't last long in the crib. He just fell asleep for his third nap and I'm still holding him. Contemplating taking him up to the crib...

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Grandmom Mc said...

So sweet. That little cheek is just asking for a kiss.