Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Happy November everyone!

Dean and I went with Dean's sister, Allison, her husband, Barry and our friend Bowser to the Penn State football game on October 29th.  The forecast was calling for snow and temp in the lower 30s.  I went out to WalMart the night before for leggings and snow boots.  THANK GOODNESS I picked those up.  They were life savers.  I wore the leggings under my jeans and tucked my jeans into my boots.  We all stayed pretty warm, thankfully.  It snowed on the drive there, all during our tailgate and for most of the game.  The game was so much fun.  It was a close game but we ended up getting the victory!

Me and Dean bundled up at Beaver Stadium

 Me and Allison tailgating

Geno stayed with his cousins Andrew and Aiden while we were at the game.  They had a lot of fun outside in the snow and cuddling inside.

Since the ground was still pretty warm it was soooooo muddy.  Our shoes were covered in mud.  I brought a ton of garbage bags so as we got into the van, we took off our boots and put them in the bags so that we wouldn't get mud in Amanda and Mike's van.

We had a great Halloween as well.  Dean and I went to see our nephews go trick-or-treating.  Andrew was Thomas the Tank Engine and Aiden was a monkey.  They were so cute.  We handed out candy at their house as they went around the neighborhood with Amanda.  We haven't had many trick-or-treaters at our house in the years past, I really wanted to hand out candy so it was perfect.

I am soooo looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!


Suzie said...

I love your blog. Sorry, I didn't notice the post until today. Mary and I need to start posting on our blog once again. I'm so behind with photos, crafts (e.g. gifts) and cleaning. But I'm getting organized. You are amazing with all you do. I love the Halloween picture of Geno. Love, Mom

Andrew's mom said...

So glad you handed out candy at our house!! Now you need to put up some pics of your beatifully decorated house full of Christmas!!