Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diaper Cake

I made this diaper cake this morning.
We are having a small baby shower for a friend who is having her second little girl.
It is the best cake I have made so far.

To make this cake I used:
-71 Pampers diapers (size 3)
-1 box of Huggies Sensitive wipes (inside the bottom layer)
- 4 Gerber onesies
- 2 Soothie pacifiers
- 1 rattle toy
- 1 teething ring
- 1 set of toy car keys
- 1 hair bow (the purple bow on the middle layer)
- 1 plush toy to use as the topper
- Grosgrain ribbon and thinner ribbon
- Pizza pan (used as the base)

If you want a diaper cake made for someone let me know and we can talk prices!
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Suzie said...

Hi Sweetie! I love the diaper cake. It is absolutely amazing. ; ) I love you and Happy Anniversary!

Love, M