Monday, April 4, 2011

Geno goes to the Groomer

Geno was looking very raggedy for the past week or so.  
I knew it was time to call the groomer.  

This is his "before" shot...

Here is the handsome prince in his "after" shot!
He seriously looks like he has lost 10 lbs.

The lady we take him to always does such a great job and at a great price!  I have called other businesses asking for prices and since his is a shih tzu (normally they have the long hair but we keep him short) the price starts at $45!  He has to get cut every 8 weeks or so and that is just absurd.  She charges only $20, but we give her at least $25.  She does a great job with him!  She does her grooming business out of her home and her two daughters love Geno.  The girls were playing with him when I picked him up last night. 

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