Friday, February 11, 2011

Hawaii Trip

I had so so sooo much fun on my trip to Hawaii to visit Jenny and her family.  Before I left, Jenny and I went over what we did during the week that I was there.  Here is the break-down with some pics!

Thursday:  Jenny picked me up from the airport. (I was supposed to arrive Wednesday night but the weather on the East coast forced me to change my plans)  We took the scenic route back to her place showing me the beautiful island of Oahu.  We had a yummy dinner at the Kahuku Grill.  I had coconut shrimp.

Friday:  We Dropped Kylee off at preschool and went to the beach with baby Mason and Jen's sister Erin.  Erin brought Musubis for breakfast.  I was terrified of these.  They are made of rice, spam, and egg wrapped in nori. Not my favorite but I tried it.  We picked up Kylee from preschool, grabbed some McDonalds and went to Jenny's mom's house to have a picnic.  We spent the afternoon at home while the kiddos napped.  When Aaron got home Jenny and I did some shopping (Target, Walgreens & Safeway).

Saturday: We walked down to the park to watch Jenny's nephews play basketball.  Her one nephew's coach is the Shave Ice guy from Hawaii Five-O.  We then went to the beach until lunchtime.  Jenny and I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center while Aaron stayed home with napping babies.  It was a really cool place.  We met back up with Aaron and the little ones for the luau and then Jenny and I went to the night show.

Sunday:  We went to the swap meet which is like a big outdoor market.  I bought some gifts for people then we went to the Dole Plantation.  I guess this makes me dumb, but I didn't know that pineapples grew in the ground (I thought trees).  Oh well.  We had yummy pineapple ice cream!  We came home just in time for the superbowl and Aaron made us delicious chicken tacos for dinner.

Monday:  Rainy dayyy!  We played with Jen's nephew Avery for a little while.  We had a lazy afternoon.  I went to Jenny's Zumba class in the evening.  So much fun!  She is a great instructor.  After Zumba we showered quickly and went over to Jenny's parent's house for some cake and ice cream!

Tuesday:  I went to the beach in the morning by myself.  It was so nice and quiet.  It was easy to just relax and enjoy my surroundings.  I walked back to their house around lunchtime.  We went to Pearl Harbor in the afternoon.  What an amazing place with so much history.  On our way back we picked up some yummy chinese food for dinner.

Wednesday:  My last day.  Sad.  I was going to go to the beach in the morning while Jenny taught preschool but I got realllllllly burnt on Tuesday so I didn't go.  I helped Jenny with preschool in the morning and then we headed off to the airport.  I left Honolulu at 2:30pm (7:30pm/est) and didn't get to Baltimore until 9:15am/est. It was a lonnng night of traveling with 2 layovers (in Seattle and Detroit).

I had such an amazing trip with the Jensens.  They were such wonderful hosts!  I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and their willingness to show me around Hawaii!  I can't wait to go back and bring Dean!


Grandmom Mc said...

Wow! What an adventure!

Suzie said...

I love the dancers! Could watch them over and over again. ; ) I'm glad you went and had such a fun time. I was miserable with you gone. I had to chat with Dean for girl talk. He actually had to chat back because he missed Bonnie time. ;