Friday, October 22, 2010

Best. Chili. Ever.

I am not a chili person but I LOVVVVE this stuff!  Even Miss Mary likes it so I made it for her birthday.  It is in the crock pot right now and Geno and I are headed to West Virginia this afternoon and taking it with us.  Here is a sneak peak!

Dean is on a "work trip" until Monday evening way down south in Mississippi.  Which means he is with the men he works with and they are fishing, gambling, golfing and fine dining.  The wives are jealous for sure.  Sunday they are going to the New Orleans Saints football game and have seats on the 50 yard line-- tough break.

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Suzie said...

thanks for bringing the chili. It was a hit both the night before and at Mary's party. You are the best girl ever!