Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010


Our grill is under there somewhere

Deck table and chair
The big white blob in the lower right hand corner is our Christmas tree :)

He's ready to go play in the snow-- and go potty

I opened the door and let him eat some snow
before we headed downstairs to go out

Fridge is stocked with some essentials:
diet pepsi and beer

My car all safe and warm in the garage!

Looking out the front door...
Dean's car on the left and Shelow's car on the right

Geno ready to head outside

He realllllllly wants to go out there

"Please let me out there!"

"Please let me back in!"

Where did Geno go??

He loved it

Our precious pup


Jensen Ohana said...

G is soo cute! I remember the huge storm during Student Teaching and we let our pups out there to play in the snow! I love the pics and my fav is prob G all covered in the white stuff! Yay for updates!!

Aunt Patricia said...

What a cutie! Nothing more fun for a dog than a pile of snow!