Friday, December 4, 2009

More Christmas!

It has been so much fun decorating our very first Christmas tree. We had a ton of fun going to the store and getting the ornaments. I follow a blog called "Kelly's Korner". Every Friday she hosts an event called "show us your life." Bloggers from all over the country post about the topic. This week is about Christmas trees. I decided to finally participate and show everyone out there in the blog-world our tree. Enjoy!

I bought this ornament last week from Hallmark

We bought this puppy ornament last year from Hallmark
It says "08" on the puppy's tag
It was the 1st Christmas that we had little Geno
I want to get a new ornament every year with the year on it


I got this for Dean this year--it is a s'more man.
Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows
fully equipped with playing cards and poker chips!

Next are just some of my favorites on the tree...

Hermey from "Rudolph"
I couldn't remember his name, I just knew that he wanted to be a dentist!!
He came in a set of 4 with Rudolph, Sam the Snowman
(you can see in the picture above Hermey to the left) & the Abominable Snowman
{from walmart of course}


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Jensen Ohana said...

Your tree is adorable!! We're on the hunt for Kylee's first ornament! I think the puppies need one too, I really like G's!!
Miss ya!!