Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is the beautiful turkey that we made!!

Posing with my turkey!

I wanted to have Dean and Geno in the picture too :)

The place cards that I made.

One of the adult tables + Mary
(Dean's Aunt Sue in the background)

The other adult table + Andrew
I didn't get a picture of the bar where the teenagers were seated.

We had a great holiday with a ton of food!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to our day :)


Kate said...

i like your top! looks like you had loooots of fun. and you would be the one to create thanksgiving place cards! maybe I can find some time to visit over break :) love you and gg

Ray said...

Nice pics Bonnie! I am glad you all had a great time. Thanks for hooking me up with Mary... that made my day a lot better. Grandma and Grandpa and the whole family down GA send their love. Your turkey and you both look great. See you soon!