Tuesday, October 13, 2009


First, I'd like to say sorry for my blogging hiatus. We have been very busy with weddings and the flu! We had Nate & Sara's wedding on October 3rd and then we had Dani & Barry's wedding on October 10th! Dean got the flu first and now I have it-- oh joy! Here are some pictures from the weddings and what Geno was up to while we were gone!

Here we are at Nate's wedding

The new Mr. & Mrs. Cutting the cake!

Nate dancing with his sisters

Things got a little crazy!
I think the song was "Don't Stop Believin'"

While we were at the weddings, Geno stayed with his Aunt Amanda, Uncle Mike and Cousin Andrew (doggy cousin Max too!). They all had a ton of fun! Andrew LOVES taking Geno out to go potty. He holds the leash all by himself (and gets mad when you try and help him). I'm so glad that Geno is so good with Andrew!

Andrew is saying, "Come on, G, this way!"

These last 2 pictures are from late summer when Andrew walked
Geno around the yard one evening. Too cute to leave out! :)


Kate said...

i knew you had funny pictures of me from the wedding!! hahahahahahahahahaha. feel better :)

Andrew's mom said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!