Monday, April 13, 2009

sorry i never update...

Happy Easter!!!!!

Get ready for a lot of cute pictures!
No one should take this many pictures
of their puppy, but I love him.
It will be 100 times worse when I have a real kid someday.

We went to Hollidaysburg to celebrate Easter.
We took Geno to the groomer Saturday morning.
He looks so handsome with his new haircut!

We thought Geno needed a new polo to wear on Easter Sunday.

What a cute face!

Dean and Geno taking a snooze...

Here is Mary "speckling" Easter eggs.

I just thought this was pretty...

Dean deep in thought with his egg.

Anna painted Starry Night on an egg.
It turned out awesome!

Mary with her egg that says "daddy"
What a cutie.

Mary on her egg hunt. Don't worry-- she found them all!
Anna watching in the distance.

Geno REALLY wanted to help find the eggs!
He wasn't allowed.

We walked into the living room and here was
Geno cuddling with the stuffed puppy.
I think he was missing his girlfriend, Chloe.

Mary and Geno!
She really loves that little guy!

Anna thought that Charlie wanted to try on Geno's polo.
He looks like he is hating his life.

We went to Heather's for lunch. The kids went on an egg hunt in the house.
Geno ended up with an empty egg-- he LOVED it.

This was the table set for Easter dinner at Heather's B&B

These kiddos were obsessed with Dean.
Mary on the left. Fritz hanging on Dean's leg.
Greta trying to hold Dean's hand.
Greta really loved Dean.

This is Geno today. Still wearing his green polo (of course).
He played with Chloe all day and was tuckered out.

Sorry that I never update. I'm trying to get better.
I've been subbing pretty regularly and sending
out applications for full time positions.
Tomorrow, I am helping Dean's sister-Amanda-
babysit her friend's twin boys.
I'm sure there will be fun pictures to share of the
three little guys in a couple of days.



Ray said...

Great update Bonnie! Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Geno and Dean sleeping on the couch...epic. Also, just admit Geno ate that green egg because he loves plastic objects. Good pics.