Monday, March 16, 2009

Long awaited update...

Oh heavens-- It's been a while!! We have been doing well.
Although, we have been very busy!
Dean has been working in Frederick, MD at the Army base daily.
My first day as a substitute will be tomorrow in a kindergarten classroom.
I am a little nervous to be in a new district but I will be fine.
I work again on Friday in a different kindergarten room.
I have a lot of pictures to share from the past couple of weeks... enjoy :)

Here is Geno sleeping in a weird spot-- as usual

haha I put him in a rubbermaid container just to get a picture
(Note: No dogs were harmed while taking this photo)

Kate was home for her birthday/spring break.
She showed us how to do "tripods".
Thanks, Kate!

I highlighted Kate's hair one day... Geno watches in the distance

Geno wanted to have his hair done too!
What a cute puppppppy! :)

The little munchkin @ Kate's birthday dinner

Dean being a goof and myself at Anna's
high school play-- Much Ado About Nothing

Me and Miss Mary after the play!

The Star, Anna, and Mary monkeying around---

Geno and Chloe hanging out in the kitchen

They love each other and enjoy cuddling
AND fighting over rawhide bones

Mr. Andrew showing off his sitting skills!

Dean and I thought we would be adventureous
and give Geno a haircut ourselves.
This is the ragamuffin before we got a hold of him with clippers.


He doesn't look as great as he would if we took him to the groomer...
He is still cute though!
I don't think I will attempt giving him a haircut again.

That's it for now. It's time for bed.

P.S. I am hosting a Pampered Chef party on April 18th.
If anyone is interested in ordering online or coming, let me know.
I love Pampered Chef!



Kate said...

why does it look like mary has makeup on to go to anna's play? and i will be doing more tripods and venturing onto bigger and better things (the parallel bars) in about an hour. Also i got a job as a desk attendant in the res. halls and have orientation tonight wooo! tell geno i miss him!

Ray said...

'bout time Bonnie--nice to see the new pics!